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Разработан и запущен сайт tzch.com.ua
Разработан и запущен сайт tzch.com.ua для предприятия Тракторозапчасть


Разработан новый сайт powerplant.ua
Разработан новый сайт powerplant.ua


Разработан сайт duet2010.com.ua

10 причин создание сайта ?

Все больше и больше пользователей Интернет рассматривает создание своего сайта, как основу ведения бизнеса. В наше время веб-сайты становятся одним из основных видов коммуникаций в сфере бизнеса и торговли и средств передачи информации. Можно выделить несколько основных целей создания сайта. Зачастую в-первых это формирование имиджа компании. Второе создание сайта - это самая доступная реклама товара или услуги. В итоге созданный сайт должен получиться современным и стильным. >>>>

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Агенство недвижимости «HOTpro»
За весь период сотрудничества с
компанией «Удача Ай-Ти» мы убедились
в высокой квалификации и надежности
её специалистов...

Baker Tilly Ukraine

Выражаем большую благодарность всему
коллективу компании «Удача Ай-Ти» за
плодотворное сотрудничество...

Документы, необходимые для создания сайта

Бриф на создание сайта. заполнить
Анкета по дизайну   скачать
Пример Тех задание на создание
Инструкция по системе управления
Бриф для заполнения компанией

Создание сайта самостоятельно

Уголоок вебмастера - создай сайт сам!!

Вы сами сознательно создаете сайты
Вы вебмастер?  Вам будет интересно:
бесплатные шаблоны сайтов, видеоуроки
photoshop, бесплатные электронные книги,
 скрипты, технические документации,
веб-дизайн, помощь на форумах.
Не знаете как создать сайт - мы поможем!

Бесплатно создать сайт

Самостоятельное создание сайта, веб-дизайн, web-программирование, продвижение и оптимизация сайта
Книги и другие информационные
по которым можно бесплатно
создать и раскрутить сайт.

Кнопки, информеры. статистика

Информеры PR ТИЦ

About us

Creation of sites - not just a whim. Gone are the days when the drive to create a website was simply a tribute to fashion or expensive toy. Nowadays, modern site becomes the face of her firm's hallmark, and in most cases, the main tool for doing business

say there is more than an axiom in business the first impression is not changed so if the site has not made such an impression with its design to its user-friendly and provide information about your company customer selects a competitor he always has a choice and you should know about this when choosing a firm to create your future website.

is the cornerstone of everything else revolves around this course then questions arise as a convenient Admin (content management system) for you will you then tormented with the filling and maintenance of your site, all these issues we highlight in section Why?

We create sites that bring money to our customers!

We will help determine what you need a website

you - a professional in his field, and we in theirs. Confident that you can tell a lot about their business, and we will be glad to learn it all in the process of creating the site for you. That you could order the site that you really need, and hence to optimize your budget, we have chosen for you fine-tuned information. This will help you with your order for a site in our company.

Note: This information is provided for information - you may find it easier to decide. If you do not have the time or inclination to study it in detail - we are happy to define the type of site that you need, and after agreeing with you We turn to its creation.

Site card

Site card - this is a small information website that includes from 5 to 10 pages, which are usually the main sections of the website. Includes company information, products or services, partners and customers, as well as contact information and price lists. Modern websites, business cards have a content management system that allows you to easily manage any information on this site. In general information pages.

Website Directory Website Directory - includes an unlimited number of sections and subsections, each of which may contain products with a fixed set of basic characteristics (name, description, price, a set of images, etc.) and presents info of goods and services in a comfortable and structured way on the site, and the ability to easily control the data content on the site.

Corporate Site Corporate Site - it's one of the most common types of websites created for companies that are planning to make a website to your business tool this site is made up of tens or hundreds of pages with unlimited multi-level structure. The site requires the interaction with different groups of target audience, the possibility of on-line working with customers and partners, conducting market research, advertising campaigns, surveys, polls, etc.

Shop E-store (online store) - it is a site that focuses on the sale of goods or services over the Internet. Allows a minimum of personnel and investment, without warehouses and retail stores sell large volumes of goods and services. The owner of an online store at the same time receiving significant savings for the same trade with the classic retail. Very convenient for customers fast and easy search of products and prompt delivery to the place with the required form of payment.

Media site
Media site - a fashion information resource for fast and high-quality consumer information. Or mass media sites such as electronic newspapers or online publishers. The main emphasis in the development of an information website is at the convenience of receiving and archiving of information, ease of navigation through the site and the amount of information


Portal - is a multi-purpose Web site, a site with a huge number of functions, modules and services, the main feature of portals is that they cover the entire audience of Internet users, or specific individual direction. Internet portal requires serious software, a high degree of automation, high performance and reliability.

Flash website Flash site - Presentation site made based on flash technology and called Flash-site is a site with animation, video and sound effects. Under the flash site constitutes effective design, which affects their dynamics and beauty. Razpabotka flash-caytov povyshaet ppivlekatelnoct and zapominaemoct cayta. Less vysokoya starting stoimoct create flash-caytov zavicit ot upovnya clozhnocti, quality and ppodolzhitelnocti flash-polikov

Promo Site Promo site - this is your tool of advertising on the network, a web site dedicated to the promotion of goods, services, advertising or promotional activities, in contrast to the usually is an additional site, and not fundamental. He works on the target audience, encouraging people to make a purchase online and is supporting promotions. Indispensable internet marketing tool for the powerful distributive networks.

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